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  Well  finally the much talked about trip north to the Arctic region is about to happen, Tiama is patiently waiting in Auckland while her motley crew are getting prepared to leave NZ for a number of years for Arctic waters, new charts, pilot books, insurance and a lots and lots of other details to sort  [ Read More ]


We have finished our work in the NZ Sub Antarctic for summer 2016, it was another good season, the Department of Conservation gave us a great send off from Bluff with some fine words of appreciation for the work we have been doing in the NZ sub Antarctic islands for the last 16 years, it  [ Read More ]


We have a short southern summer charter season this year with some interesting jobs, including a 2 week sea-lion pub survey in Stewart island, and our regular role as logistical support vessel for several trips to the Auckland islands, the Snares  and  the Antipode islands supporting Albatross studies and sea-lion work. this will give us  [ Read More ]


We specialise in providing safe and reliable transportation and logistical support for research, filming or private expeditions to the Arctic or Antarctic or any other of the worlds  more  remote and hard to get to places, we pride ourselves for delivering on our promises, on time and within budget while having fun doing it. Please have  [ Read More ]


Tiama is back at her berth at the NZ voyager Maritime Museum for the winter months, a good change   to give her some tender loving care after working hard for the last 8 months in the NZ Sub Antarctic, we will get to the Need To Do job list, and hopefully get to tick of  [ Read More ]


We are in the middle of our busy season, The boat has undergone yet another  mayor refit this winteradding to the new engine installation we did last winter. She  now has a 160 HP Yanmar engine driving a 3 bladed Variable pitch Hundasted propeller, most of the  installation  was done by Whiting Power in Auckland  [ Read More ]


It has been the biggest year to date and top of the list was our 5 week trip to the Balleny Islands at 66 degrees 50 minutes south. They are on the NW corner of the Ross Sea, mainland Antarctica and 1,200 miles due south of New Zealand.


A total of 12 trips to the Sub Antarctic, including 2 trips to Macquarie island which is half way down between NZ and the Antarctic. Its a small long skinny island in the middle of the Southern Ocean with so many penguins on some of the beaches that you can not see the end of the colonies.


In all we did 9 trips south, We had the normal succession of weather systems that you expect for these latitudes, although we did encounter one rather large wave that took out the Port wheelhouse window, this was a bit of a dramatic moment, but no serious damage was done and after some temporary repairs Tiama carried on in a safe and sound manner.


The incredible progress that we have made on the Kiunga imbak campaign and the ground work that we are having on RH are a tribute to the org, to our supporters, and particularly the many wonderful people who have worked with us on the campaign over the last three months. The success that we are having belongs to us all.


The new millennium started well for us with a charter to the Antipodes. The Antipodes are some of New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic islands. The job involved us filming the first sunrise of the new millennium and it was a spectacular one. We then beamed the image out live onto the internet via a huge inmarsat-B mounted on the aft deck especially for the occasion (which looked rather silly).


On the 4 of June Henk departed from Puerto Monttt, Chile with Tiama heading for Australia (a 7500 mile voyage across the “big pond” pacific ocean) with brief stops in Easter Island, Pitcairn, the Cooks island and Fiji. Bunny and Ruby rejoined Tiama in the Cook Islands in July and we arrived here in Cairns, Australia on 7 August.


Our first season working in the Antarctic Peninsula and the Cape horn region has finished. We are now in Puerto Montt a small port in southern Chile, the gateway to the Chilean channels that lead south to Cape Horn.


We’re have returned from our first Antarctic expedition. We arrived back in Ushuaia the night of Feb. 4th after beating our way up the Beagle for the last five hours. It was an adventure for all on board Tiama.


On November 4 we depart Auckland, New Zealand with 8 on board to set sail across the Southern Ocean for Ushuaia, Argentina. The ages of our crew range from our 10 year old daughter to our 63 year old mate David, mostly New Zealanders with…


Tiama’s maiden voyage – we managed to achieve all our objectives. This included a first recorded landfall on Cheeseman island collecting geological specimens for the Auckland Museum, for the purpose of dating the islands.

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