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We are in the middle of our busy season, The boat has undergone yet another  mayor refit this winteradding to the new engine installation we did last winter. She  now has a 160 HP Yanmar engine driving a 3 bladed Variable pitch Hundasted propeller, most of the  installation  was done by Whiting Power in Auckland and they did a fin job.  It feels like a new boat, what a difference, we  also added a fuel computer giving us a instant read out of liters per hour consumed by the engine, we hope to a archive a 15%  savings in fuel consumption from the combination of Variable pitch propellor and new efficient engine and so far it looks good, never mind the increased capabilities of the boat being able to punch into strong  head winds and  when sailing we can turn the  blades in the neutral position  reducing the drag normally created by a fixed blade propeller,  we are a sailing boat after all, it makes a noticeable difference especially in light winds. I,m a bit like a kid whit a great new toy, it feels very nice to have a complete new top of the range engine and propellor humming away under the cockpit floor,  we also renewed the sails, bought a new  3.9 meter Lancer Hypalon inflatable whit a new 30 hp outboard and last but not least replaced  the upholstery, plus a list of other smaller jobs that needed doing, the boat is in great shape and ready to work hard, the skipper is a bit the worse for wear but has cut his hair and still has a spring in his step.

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