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From, Di Paton, Air NZ, Environmental Ambassador, Public Affairs and Group Communications

Thanks Henk.

Everyone is very enthusiastic about the trip. I saw Jacqui today and she is still raving about it all. I think it will be a while before they all settle down.

Thank you for making sure they had a great time and experienced a whole lot of new stuff. Very grateful.

Talk to you soon.



From,Brian Quinn | Scientist – Post-Entry Quarantine – Virology & PEQ, Plant Health & Environment Laboratory, Investigation & Diagnostic Centres | Compliance & Response
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry | 231 Morrin Road, St Johns, Auckland

Hi Team

Jeez, how hard has today been…coming back to reality is a real bummer! I wish I was still lodging in mybunk onboard Tiama and spending my days walking amongst the megaherbs.
I just want to thank you all for the amazing trip, the friendships and the connections made. Di you really couldn’t have picked a better bunch of people to send on this trip as we all worked together as a family unit…all quite very different individuals but as a group we worked cohesively with the same goals of adventure and safety in mind. I look forward to catching up with you all again in the near future.

I’ve got photos and videos sorted and will burn onto DVD’s tonight…if any of you would like a copy please send me your postal address and I will send out to you this week.

Henk and Tod many thanks for your patience and tutoring. I felt that I have grown over the past couple weeks…who knew there was an Able Seaman in me? A month ago I would have thought I was much more at home behind the helm of a wheelbarrow and spade than a sailing ship in the Southern Ocean. But I will forever look back fondly of a quiet moment somewhere between Auckland & Campbell Islands when I was on nightwatch. Standing at the stern, safely attached by harness, with the clear sky and stars above, phosphorescence in the water and the wind in my hair…opps, I mean wind in my face – magic!
Di – many, many thanks again to Air NZ for the amazing generosity…it really was a lifetime opportunity, unforgettable and one I will forever cherish. Please let me know if there is anything you need me to do.

Kind regards


From, Angela Hunt

Hi all,

I have just caught up on these emails, Brian forwarded them to me as my email address was wrong below (please note the right one so I don’t miss out on the gossip!) but is lovely to catch up on all of these now.

I arrived home yesterday after the best sleeps I have ever had flying – Jacqui, huge thank you for arranging the skycouch for me, I was very lucky and had 3 seats to myself on both legs of the flight so had 2 fantastic sleeps of about 9 hours altogether and felt very good when I got home yesterday – the jetlag has kicked in now though!  Di and Catherine (who was the concierge on the second leg) were absolutely fantastic and really looked after me on the flight – I will be including them on my thank you email to Rob Fyfe.

I cannot say enough thank you’s to everyone for an amazing trip, everyone who has asked me today how my trip was has had a very smiley Angela talking to them!

Di first and foremost, I cannot thank you enough for choosing me to go on this trip.  It’s been hard to describe to people exactly how fantastic this trip was and I think only those of us lucky enough to go truly appreciate it.  The treatment I received from arriving at Heathrow to returning yesterday at every step of the way has been fabulous, I feel very spoilt!

To my Tiama family and fabulous crew – thank you for a brilliant two weeks, it was wonderful to share the experience with you all and it is one I will never forget.  I shared a very special time in a truly incredible place and with some wonderful people with whom I wouldn’t usually cross paths, thank you all.

I will get my cd’s done hopefully in the next week or so so I will send you all a copy of the photos, feel free to use any for the presentation.

For those who wanted it, my address is:

36 Southfield Close




Di, if there is anything I can do on my side of the world please let me know.


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