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Tiama’s great adventure 2018, Amsterdam to Svalbard (80 degrees North).

Dear all please hereby find Tiama’s sailing schedule for the Northern Summer of 2018.

See if there is an adventure that may be of interest to you.

We can  change the route a bit and go to different areas depending on the interests of people.

Voyage, leg 1

6 Day/ 5 Night – 500 Nautical mile open sea voyage from Amsterdam to Bergen, Norway. Sailing from Amsterdam North through the Eastern North Sea to Norway and into the fjords spending the last night at anchor inside the fiords and then go on to Bergen.

ETD Amsterdam 12 May – ETA Bergen 17 May

Voyage leg 2

10 Day/9 Night – 500 Nautical mile Coastal voyage along the Norwegian coast from Bergen to Bodo which is the beginning of the Lofoten region. We will be sailing mostly through the inside passages, anchoring some nights in the fiords and small coastal settlements, Viking country.

We will also sail on the outside open sea for a few nights while making our way north to Bodo.

ETD Bergen 20 May – ETA Bodo 29 May

Voyage leg 3

12 Day /11 Night – 285 Nautical mile relaxed coastal cruising voyage in the famous and magic Lofoten area starting in Bodo cruising around the Lofoten area for a week and then north through the inside passage to Tromso. On this voyage we will have lot more time to visit towns and places of interest, go for walks and the fishing is supposed to be very good.

ETD Bodo 2 June – ETA Tromso 13 June

Voyage leg 4

8 Day / 7 Night – 600 Nautical mile mostly open sea voyage sea from Tromso Norway to Longyearbyen Svalbard we will be sailing into high Arctic waters passing close by  the remote island of Bjornoya. . This is all getting pretty remote country and should be very interesting

ETD Tromso 16 June – ETA Longyearbyen 23 June

Voyage leg 5-6-7

Is a  private voyage around the Svalbard coast with my family – brothers and sisters and some old friends.

Voyage leg 8

Is the return voyage home from Longyearbyen to Amsterdam

22 day – 1700 Nautical mile combination of a coastal and open sea voyage over about 3 to 4 weeks

stopping in Tromso, Bode and some of the inside passages and fiords on the Norwegian Coast

ETD Longyearbyen 7 September – ETA Amsterdam between28 September and 10 October.

Kind Regards             


Skipper  Tiama.


Please contact us anytime to discuss your plans. tiamasailing@gmail.com


Tiama is a good strong/ seaworthy ocean going sailing vessel, in survey and crewed by a competent, qualified and  pleasant crew. Tiama is equipped with, hot shower, an efficient cabin heater and a comfortable warm interior.

There is a wide selection of books, movies and music on-board, a comfortable home away from home. The crew will be cooking the meals but everybody is encouraged to have a go in the galley if they are at all interested. And if they have an interest then the guests are encouraged to involve themselves with the operations of the vessel sailing and navigation.

Our norther cruising area extends but is not not limited  to;

Arctic navigable Waters; North West passage, North East Passage

Bylot Island
– Baffin Island
– Baffin Bay
– Davis Strait
– Sermilik National Park
– Pond Inlet
– Labrador
– Torngat National Park
– West Greenland
– Disko Island
– Disko Bay
– Ilulissat
– Jakobshaven Ice Fiord
– Nuuk, Upernavik, Sisimiut
Northern Norway

Antarctic Waters:

Ross Sea:

NZ Sub Antarctic

Antarctic Peninsula


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