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We spend another southern summer in the NZ Sub Antarctic working as  support vessel for a variety of research programs for DOC, Kath Walker albatross research, NIWA, and  for a benchmark setting 2 week DOC Dive operation in the  Auckland Islands.

Tiama  spent 4 months working for the New Zealand department of Conservation carrying out a variety of tasks in support of their conservation and research programs, including being the main support vessel for an unprecedented 2 week long research dive operation in the Auckland islands.

Tiama and her crew were great, the support and enthusiasm they put into this dive expedition contributed greatly the success of the research work conducted, thank you
DR Frans Smith, Biologist DOC


Munificence at the Bounties
A virginal dive spot in the Roaring Forties
Trade-a-Boat 2004 (pdf 399kb)


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