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We have been steadily working our trade as a logistical support vessel for science, film and tourist  trips into the Southern ocean these last few years, for the record over the last 16 years we have done more then 170 Round trips to the Sub Antarctic islands and the Antarctic, the duration of each trip varying from 7 days to 5 weeks, it is some sort of record if one is interested in that sort of thing.

For me the most important thing is that nobody got killed or maimed for life, we had some accidents and incidents, and every one of those is one to many, but we are all still alive, happy and friends after 16 years of hard graft we are now leaving Bluff for a while with our reputation as a professional and caring operator intact this is important.

Some day we hope to return to this special corner of the word to do some more work with our old clients and friends.


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