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2015. From, Ian Turnbull, GNS Science and James Scott, University of Otago,

Re Geology, Snares


Hope all is well with you and Tiama after an interesting but undramatic summer…

Attached for your amusement is the end result of the two trips James and I did with you to the Snares: yes, they are made of granite! Some interesting comparisons with the rest of New Zealand – but at least there’s no oil.

Many thanks – again – for your hospitality and help with our Subantarctic ventures. I hope I can organise another trip on Tiama some time.

Take care

Mo Turnbull

GNS Science – Te Pu Ao

Scott et al. (2015) Snares Geology


From: Chris Adams, GNS science 2014

Many thanks Henk, for your hard work and enthusiasm to make our Sub Antarctic trip such a success – I really appreciate that, as I could not have justified a stand-alone trip for myself, or coped with the logistics that harmonised so effortlessly with the Adams Island and Campbell Island albatross teams.

It really was a last chance for me to re-collect some vital rocks from vital places. I must say Henk that you run really faultless operation – it made the hard travel very easy in the circumstances. And congratulations on that red wine – equally impressive – with the good food. Chris Adams GNS Science [email protected]


From Ian Turnbull, GNS Science 2013


I hope life and sea conditions are treating you and Tiama well.

The attached paper has just (or finally) been published, based on the trip James Scott and I did with you to the Antips in 2011, and on all the other wok that has been done out there in the past.  It seems to have a lot of scientific stuff in it – I can’t understand much of it so blame the other co-authors for that.  You might find some of it interesting: but of course more work is needed….

Another paper on the Solander Islands geology is supposed to be published shortly – will send a copy of that too, when it turns up.

Looks like we may see more of each other  this coming season, as long as the permits are granted – am looking forward to it.

Take care

Ian Turnbull

Published Scott et al. (2013) Antipodes Volcano

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