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Well  finally the much talked about trip north to the Arctic region is about to happen, Tiama is patiently waiting in Auckland while her motley crew are getting prepared to leave NZ for a number of years for Arctic waters, new charts, pilot books, insurance and a lots and lots of other details to sort out.

ETD Auckland14 May for a route taking us across the Pacific straight-line north, with planned stops at the Kermadec islands, Tonga Hawaii, Dutch Harbour Alaska and then on to Nome Alaska to wait for an opportunity to clear Point Barrow and then onwards to try to go true the North West Passage, how exciting is that. We hope to come out at the Greenland side sometime in September and then plan to take the boat to Amsterdam. In total about 12,000 nautical miles sailing, half way around the world, the skipper for one is keen as, and there is a great team of people onboard.

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