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Finally we can leave Morocco

Syracuse, Sicily 4 September 2020.

Making plans is one thing but then Covid 19 happens and it all changes to something none of us could have predicted. Tiama and her crew got caught by the 2020 Covid 19 outbreak while in Rabat, Morocco. A beautiful country with very nice people which we had little chance to explore before the Government sealed the borders in response to the pandemic. This meant nobody could get in or out, so we were trapped in the Rabat/Sale marina for almost 4 months. There was no way out, I called it boat prison. We finally managed to get permission to leave on the first of June, and it was with a huge sigh of relief that we went back to sea and freedom, although the old ways of freedom of the seas is not quite the same anymore with continuously changing restrictions around the Covid 19 virus.

Bonifacio town built on crumbling limestone cliffs, southern end of Corsica

We have spent the remaining part of the northern summer months in Sardinia, Corsica, Elba, Stromboli and Sicily. The Mediterranean is still busy but now it is busy more with locals going on holiday inside their own country. This a good thing maybe, but it seems that the expedition chartering business has come to a grinding halt.

However we stay open to the possibilities of doing some interesting work with Tiama.

Otherwise we will just have to continue to enjoy some more of the Med, the history here is fascinating, with so many peoples and tribes having come and gone and left in their wake ruins of temples, theatres, defensive towers on the outcrops and corners of peninsulas, and amazing old towns with some beautiful architecture.

Magellan’s Monument at the mouth of the
Rio Guadalquivir, Spain

Stay safe, and fair winds

Henk & Bunny

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