Skipper: Henk Haazen
Henk was born in the Netherlands but is now a New Zealander he has been living there for the past 30 years. Together with his partner Bunny and their daughter, Ruby.

For the last 20 years Henk has been skippering Tiama on expeditions to some of the more remote parts of the polar regions, including science charters to the NZ sub antarctic islands during the southern summer months. He also spent 3 months on an expedition up the Fly river, deep into the rainforest of Papua New Guinea. Please have a look at the captain’s blog for more details.

Currently we operate Tiama as a man and wife team, Bunny and Henk,

Bunny worked for 35 years for Greenpeace, starting as crew on board the Rainbow Warrior to setting up a regional office in the South Pacific to her last role concluding in 2019 as International Executive Director at Greenpeace International.  During these years she did many sailing trips with Henk onboard Tiama as the mate including trips to the Antarctic Peninsula, the NZ sub antarctic islands, the Pacific and Spitsbergen. She is  an  experienced sailor and excellent company.

In front of Magellan’s plague, Rio Guadalquivir, Spain, February 2020

Henk has more than 40 years of sailing experience in different parts of the world. He has sailed in the Antarctica and the Arctic and many seas in between in different sailing vessels from 100 year old traditionally rigged Baltic traders to purpose built ice expedition ships.

Henk joined Greenpeace as an engineer on the first Rainbow Warrior in 1984. It was a nuclear free Pacific campaign which took her from the US to the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Vanuatu and New Zealand.  She was to go on to French Polynesia as part of a protest flotilla against the French nuclear testing at Moruroa,  but on July 10th 1985 she was blown up and sunk by the French secret service, killing the ship’s photographer, Fernando Pereira.

Henk worked for five years as the logistics and re-supply manager for the base camp Greenpeace established in Antarctica. He sailed to Antarctica four times in this period, in both large icebreakers as well as small purpose built sailing boats.

From 1991 until 1998, when not at sea, Henk built TIAMA, to enable him to combine his practical skills with his love for adventuring and visiting remote places, while at the same time to pursue worthwhile projects that would add to the well being of our planet.
TIAMA was designed by well-known New Zealand naval architect Alan Mummery to Henk’s requirements in 1991.

Henk holds the following marine tickets:

  • New Zealand Master 500 tons, Unlimited
  • Marine Engineer class 6
  • RYA Yacht master Ocean, Instructor, commercially endorsed.
  • NZ Master yacht 3000 tons, Unlimited

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