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From: “Elizabeth White,Subject: Hello and thank you

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 17:21:59 +0000

Hey Henk,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say a big thank you for everything! It was a thoroughly wonderful experience being on Tiama. Both you and Steve feel like a very safe pair of hands, and even the 55 knot winds seemed part of the course! Tiama is a lovely boat and I would very much recommend her to other teams here at the beeb looking for a vessel to operate down there (or beyond ūüėČ

Have a very happy new year and I hope we shall work together again at some point,

Best wishes,

Liz  White,

Series Producer, One Planet

BBC Natural History Unit

Whiteladies rd

Bristol BS82LR

One Planet


From, Mark Flowers, NEW ZEALAND, Series Producer

BBC Natural History Unit, Whiteladies rd, Bristol BS82LR.

Dear esteemed shipmates.

I write to you from a sunny office on a cold but bright winter’s day here in the far North, in Bristol

I am thinking of our adventures today  as we are reviewing some of the Penguin footage, and very good it is looking too, so a huge thank you.  I have been meaning to get in touch every since New Year, I can’t believe it is February already!

Really I have just been meaning to write to say a massive thank you for your company and humour. It was an amazing privilege to get to know you and spend such quality time together on board the lovely Tiama.

We landed back in the UK just in time for Xmas, and we had a great one, One of the highlights was me serving up ‚ÄúCaptain Henk‚Äôs blue berry pancakes‚ÄĚ all the way from the New Zealand Ocean.

Hope you are all really good and I look forward to hearing about more adventures, and who knows maybe we’ll get to share one together!

All the best, Mark


From, Mark MacEwen,Documentary/Wildlife Cameraman MM Films Limited

Ňīebsite: ¬† ¬†

Hey Henk

Great to hear from you.

That was one of the best trips I’ve done in many a year, I’d love to do it again. You and Steve were amazing and thanks for dragging us upto the top of the island !!

Your more than welcome to use the photo,

Ps I need to make those Irish coffees at some point, they were fantastic, Got to dash

But must catch up on another trip.

All the best



From,Emma Brennand, Researcher, One Planet

BBC Natural History Unit,

Subject: Thank you

Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 12:50:18 +0000

Dear Henk,

Thank you for your splendid seamanship and looking after us all on both journeys. I had a thoroughly splendid adventure and will remember it fondly. Thank you for the lessons in high seas fashion chic, for teaching us that sailing is the only way to travel, that you are a gastronomic genius with the fabulous upside down cake, that travelling head on into 60 knot winds is possible be it just a little bouncy & that you can travel at night through sea lion infested water through a surf to deliver a crew to watch one of the best spectacles on the planet.

Thank you for being so patient with us all and making sure we were always safe but at the same time ensuring we always had home comforts.

Please forward my love to Steve and again let him know how much we appreciate his hard work, social banter and general all round bare footed-ness.

It was a real pleasure to meet you both and I hope we get chance to sail with you on Tiama again one day. There are more of your stories I want to hear.

Stay in touch and let us know if you see any wildlife that ‘has to be filmed’ above or below the waves.

Safe passage Captain Henk.

Love  Emma


BBC 2007, film trip to Macquarie  island

From, Huw Cordey
Series Producer
South Pacific

Hi Henk,

Bon voyage! Actually, by the time you read this you will be negotiating the high seas (well not too high I hope).

Just wanted to say a big thank you for coming through on this. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Hope the de-ratting thing wasn’t too much of a hassle but sounds like all went well – and with a bit of luck the AAD will be impressed enough with your operation to want to use you on future trips to Macca (or penguin Mecca).

Send my best to Wade and Fred and ask them to drop me a quick email about when they would like to touch base on the phone. Regards also to Robb.

Best wishes

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