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Dear all

For the  southern summer of 2004-05 we had  a big contract with the NZ Dept of Conservation, supporting their research work to the NZ sub Antarctic islands, our first expedition started on 4 November 2004 and we  finished early April 2005. In all we did 9 trips south, We had the normal succession of weather systems that you expect for these latitudes, although we did encounter one rather large wave that took out the Port wheelhouse window, this was a bit of a dramatic moment, but no serious damage was done and after some temporary repairs Tiama carried on in a safe and sound manner.

The other development is that we have set up a sailing school  working with the  NZ Coastguard and the Royal Yachting association, we are now a recognized coastguard/RYA training centre, yours truly is  a qualified yachtmaster instructor,  Our  website for the school,  please have a look, we plan to specialize in coastal passages for   people new to sailing, or for those who want to get their coastal skippers ticket or just want to do a few good sea miles.

Hope your all well and happy.



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