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Nick Gales, spotting for whales souther ocean

This Summer we have been working out of the friendly port of Bluff, NZ southern most port, for 12 separate voyages into the Southern Ocean, including 2 voyages to Macquarie for the BBC, with 2 observers onboard from the AAD one of them, Robb Clifton, Operations and planning Manager for the  Australian Antarctic Division had the following to say on vessel and crew Selection,  “The successful completion of the Tiama voyage to MI is in large part a testament to the experience and planning of the skipper and crew of Tiama and the suitability and condition of the vessel”.

Most of the other work for the season has been science and research support voyages, we also took the designer of Tiama, Alan Mummery for a 12 day trip to Auckland and Campbell island, the season ended with a charter for the NZ Geological and nuclear sciences institute conducting a geological survey of the Wild Fiordland coastline.

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