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From, Kyle W Morrison, PhD candidate

Ecology Group – PN 624, Institute of Natural ResourcesMassey University, Private Bag 11222, Palmerston North, 4474, New ZealandRe, PhD study of eastern rockhopper penguins

Hi Henk,

The getting-there is often one of the most memorable parts of any trip, and that was certainly the case during my five voyages to Campbell Island and The Snares aboard Tiama as part of NIWA’s seabird research team. The fun always began when we rolled up at the dock with a huge number of fishbins of gear and food, which you always good-humouredly managed to stow away securely, even when we tried each season to add more than would fit! Spending any time at sea involves a degree of risk, but I was impressed with the care you took to minimize this through having an experienced crew, keeping Tiama ship-shape, and regularly pouring over custom-made weather forecasts. I respected that as Captain, you let the windows of safe sea conditions set the schedule, rather than your clients. That said, you always worked hard to meet our target dates. My sealegs are about as solid as a jellyfish, but you and your friendly crew were understanding and looked out for me. You went out of your way to make our lives easier by trying for the best landing sites and in cruising close in to the coast for me to document penguin colony changes. Fond memories of your pan-sized blueberry-and-banana pancake breafasts at the end of each 60-hour sail will stay with me forever! It also really lifted everyone’s spirits when you would invite our island-bound crew to join you for some fresh food whenever you visited Campbell in the middle of our 4-month field seasons. My PhD study of eastern rockhopper penguins literally wouldn’t have happened without you and Tiama.

Here are links to three of the journal articls that resulted from our expeditions:

Thanks Henk!

Kyle Morrison


From, Carlos Olavarría, Whale researcher NIWA

Re Southern Right Whale research trip to Campbell island.Hi Henk,

Good to hear from you. Yes, all well and off now to work on humpback whales off Brisbane for a couple of months.

Please find attached a copy of my field report. This is the final version.

Extracts from the report relative to Tiama operations:

Overall, the technique and equipment worked well as allowed me to collect SRW data. The use of Tiama, instead of the small inflatable boat, allowed me to work well as it is a very manoeuvrable boat that makes easy and safe approaching whale groups.

I want to make clear my appreciation for all the efforts my colleague Graham and crews of Tiama Henk and Keith did to help collecting SRW data.

Carlos Olavarría

PO Box 422

Nelson 7040, New Zealand

2014 Campbell Island Southern Right Whale Survey

See below for a link to some video footage  from the trip and a NIWA press release


From, Paul Sagar,Group Manager, Marine Ecology & AquacultureNIWA, P.O. Box 8602, Christchurch 8440

Hi Henk,

Thanks very much for the safety plan.

Thanks also for your efforts in making our Western Chain trip so successful. As always, it was a pleasure to travel with you on Tiama.

Please see below for a copy of the reference letter I send you a while ago and some of the relevant scientific papers.

Cheers, Paul Sagar,

Reference letter_NIWA

Sagar et al. 2015 CHC2014_026 final

CHC2014_026 final


From, Rob Murdoch

General Manager Research, National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd

Private Bag 14901, Kilbirnie, Wellington   NEW ZEALAND

Hi Henk,

Well I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the Snares, and of course your vessel

and hospitality were a key component!  Great boat, great crew.  Having

reasonable sea-legs helps of course on such a short trip.  Needless to say

back in the real world has its drawbacks.  I definitely intend catching up

sometime when in Auckland,    Trust all is well,

Cheers, Rob Murdoch

General Manager Research, National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd


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