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Dear Henk

Yeah you made it – good job. I so much appreciate that you asked me to come along and enjoyed every second of it Henk. A fantastic experience for sure and one out of the bag.

We will never fully appreciate all the preparation work that you put in ( gear, spares, charts, pilots, currency, contacts, flags etc etc) so you will just have to accept our thanks and know that we appreciate it all anyway. Also you did a great job keeping us as a team and making sure everybody was happy and got a fair go. It obviously worked because we all got through in one bit – and all enjoyed ourselves.

All the best

Lawrie Mead,

10 October 2107 Auckland NZ

The NWP, that is one incredible achievement Henk. Well done. Not that anyone who has sailed with you would ever doubt that it would take some extraordinary circumstances to beat you – but never the less, it still has to be done, you are an inspiration to many. Hope that you enjoy your time back in your homeland and get a bit of time to relax.

Would be great to catch up with you again sometime, or at the very least, get to read the book of your journey!. All the very best and well done again.

Andrew Macgregor , Christchurch NZ

(Tiama crew member to Auckland and Campbell Islands, February 2012)

See the Northwest Passage video here:

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