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A big season behind us, another 11 voyages to the various NZ Sub Antarctic islands, mostly research support trips including a voyage to the Antipode and Bounty islands to do a penguin count and a Salvins albatross count on the Bounty islands, the latter are very remote and not visited much, they are also called the Galapagos of NZ, as in the summer time these islands are positively booming whit wild life, standing room only thousand of penguins, seals, and Albatross specially as  the bounty islands are just a bunch of bare Basalt Rocks in the middle of nowhere.  We also took a Air NZ Team out on a 12 day voyage to Auckland and Campbell island, we did have a bit of weather on the way down and it was a little bit different on a boat then on a plane according to team, somebody kept trowing salt water at them, you don’t  get that on a plane so much.

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