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Yellow eyed penguin survey team

Yellow eyed penguin survey team


We had another  long and intersting  season working in the NZ Sub Antarctic, starting with 20 day charter to the Snares working with the Salvins albatross  and then a one month long survey of the Auckland islands looking for yellow Eyed Penguins, this was the fist time such a  survey was carried out, the Auckland islands are the last bastion for these endangered species  this was early in the year and it seemed particularly windy, lots days with wind speeds 50 knots+ which made it more challenging then it already was. We also did a trip whit some slightly eccentric bird watchers which was lots of fun and we finished the season with a round trip visiting all the 5 NZ Sub Antarctic islands under charter to the University of Otago collecting sea weed and other intertidal species for there climate research work.

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