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A busy southern summer season  in the Sub Antarctic  10 departures and returns from NZmost souther port, Bluff. lots of interesting trips including the regular Albatross  research support voyages for the NZ National institute of Water and Atmosphere (NIWA) and providing logistics support for a voyage  to Campbell island for  the biology department of the University of Otago.

We also undertook a 2 week voyage to the Auckland islands undertaking much needed restoration work to the historic buildings that are slowly deteriorating, this was under supervision of the historic restoration department of the Dep of Conservation (DOC0. We went there whit 4 skilled volunteers, the trip was supported finically by a very kind Waiheke island entrepreneur who took part in the trip himself  he had some very good skill to add to the group making it a very nice but also entertaining expedition, we did have a few good laughs.

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