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Dear Henk,

So glad to hear things are going well. I’m so envious. Wow, the NW Passage! I would have dearly loved to have had the funds and time to have made the journey with you. I do hope you had a fantastic trip

Things here are going well. The papers are flowing and we’re hoping to put in future grants. Now we know you’ll be up there for the next few years we can rethink some of our plans.

Just wanted to send a piece of work we’re rater proud of and as you’ll see we are deeply grateful for all your fantastic help in the field with the Tiama. It’s a beast of a paper but the headline is the tropics seem to be increasingly significant in driving the weather systems across the SW Pacific, far more so that one hundred years ago at the time of Mawson. We can’t believe how well the results worked out.

Thanks once again for everything. I do hope we get to travel with you again.  It’s already been far too long!

All the very best,


Chris Turney FRSA FGS FRGS

Professor of Earth Sciences and Climate Change

Co-ordinator of the Earth’s Past Future Program

Founding Director and Scientific Advisor to CarbonScape, refining carbon sustainably

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